Listen To Justin Share His Bitcoin Story, Konwledge And Expertise On This High Quality Podcasts.

Black Wealth Renaissance Podcast

Black Wealth Renaissance is a Top 100 Apple Business podcast geared towards establishing wealth in the black community.

Justin was the first person to introduce to the Black Wealth Renaissance.

The Pomp Podcast

The Pomp Podcast is one of the top premier podcast in the world for bitcoin, entrepreneurs, business, and finance.

Listen to Justin share his Bitcoin success story on The Pomp Podcast

The Uncent$ored Podcast

The Uncent$ored Podcast hosted by George Acheampong Jr, is a Top 10 Forbes Finance podcast, who’s message is dedicating to establishing generational wealth in millenial next generational leaders, entrepreneurs and millionaries.

Listen to  Justin talk about how bitcoin can createmore black millionaries and billionaries.

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