Bitcoin Vegan

Memory Specialist, Master Transformation Coach, Bitcoin Educator

Accelerate your productivity towards your goals

Memory Coaching

The faster you learn the more you earn, come learn how to turn on increase your memory rentention, speed up your learning, and have the confidence to take on the world.

Bitcoin Class

Join me as I teach the fundamentals of understanding this dynamic new currency, which happens to be the world’s No. 1 performing asset. It’s a currency that’s continued to outperform other assets year after year – even during the height of the COVID pandemic. Learn how to make this currency work for you.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

I work with the under appreciated overwhelmed entrepeneur & business women to exponentially accelerate their productivity towards their goals.

About Me

Every fighter knows the mark of a champion is not how many fights he wins, but how many times he rises to fight again.

Justin understands the power of a transformational journey, having ventured on one himself. Almost ten years ago, he found himself on the path to becoming just another statistic in the criminal justice system. Instead of falling prey to the endless revolving door of a violent system, Justin transformed himself into a father, a coach, and a valued member of his community.

Justin sincerely cares about helping others follow him in their transformational journeys, to grow into being the best versions of themselves. He seeks out those who have become stuck in the slums of their mind and are ready to climb up to success they never before imagined. He seeks out those prepared to take control of their minds and evolve into an empowered decision-maker.

When not guiding his clients on their journey’s to success, Justin enjoys spending time with his daughter, boxing, massive reading, and indulging in self-care like float therapy.