Intro To Bitcoin – Guide




In this intro to bitcoin guide, you will receive true honest information of how someone new to this space should make your next move your best move. Bitcoin is such a new space, however most take it for granted or come in with the wrong attitude and never see the true benefits of what bitcoin has to offer.

The five active years I’ve been in this space has allowed me the opportunity to help guide you towards optimization in this, you don’t want to look back 5 years from now, and be victim of chasing shiny objects, that will cost you thousands in the end.

In this guide I will address these five areas of concern that new people have the most:

1: How did Bitcoin start ?

2: Who’s in control, who’s holding the bitcoin ?

3: Things You DON’T Need To Pay Attention to

4: I Heard Bitcoin Was Hacked

5: Where can I buy Bitcoin ?


I hope this guide is everything you need to get you going in the correct direction and keep you on the correct path in Bitcoin.



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